Thursday, October 11, 2012

Election Season

Like it or not advocating for policy change is a political endeavor;  thus the very best time to get to know your local politicians is during election season. Advocates typically are doing the asking. (Can I count on your "YES" vote on the Home Birth Safety Act?)  During election season, we have opportunity to give legislators something back. Volunteer.

Running for office is a challenge. Local candidates often are very short of resources. This is the best time to get involved. Take time to give. Put your efforts where your heart is. Find a candidate who believes in your issues and help get that person into office.

I recently took to the web to contact the candidates running for the Illinois House of Representatives in my district.  Within days of sending-off an email to Dee Beaubien, she picked up her phone and called me. In my email, I informed her of my interest in the Home Birth Safety Act.

I was pleased to learn that she already knew quite a bit about the bill. (Dee's late husband Mark, served in the House of Representatives from 1996 - 2011. Although this is her first run for office, she has years of experience meeting constituents, listening to their concerns and thinking about solutions.)

I was even more pleased that prior to calling me. She prepared..... She read the bill!

Talking with Dee solidified my support. She is a candidate who cares. She is an independent voice dedicated to public service and helping people one-on-one. She cares about the issues. She cares about property tax relief.  She is focused on creating jobs, fiscal responsibility, and she has even pledged to cut law-makers pay.
On our phone call, I also learned of Dee Beaubien's dedication to hospice care. On behalf of those who can not voice the words, thank you, Dee.  (I love hospice care as much as I love midwifery care.)

Constituents of Illinois' 52nd House District: Can I count on your "YES" vote for Dee Beaubien, Independent, for State Representative?

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