Sunday, October 14, 2012

Canvasing for Midwife Friendly Politician

Fabulous time walking today for Dee Beaubien, Independent, Illinois 52nd House District.

The weather did not cooperate but the neighbors did. People are excited about having an Independent voice for McHenry County in Springfield.

Summary of feedback I received:
  • She's a great person.
  • I like her. I met her when she walked through the neighborhood.
  • I'm voting for her because I'm tired of extreme attitudes and people not working together.
  • I knew her husband. He was a great politician.
  • Dee Beaubien focuses on issues and not just sound bites.
Neighbors were impressed with Dee Beaubien's interest in constituent concerns. After all, we all want a legislator who cares enough to return our phone calls.

Oh and don't forget... Dee supports licensing home birth midwives based on the Certified Professional Midwife credential, the national standard for regulating home birth maternity care. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Election Season

Like it or not advocating for policy change is a political endeavor;  thus the very best time to get to know your local politicians is during election season. Advocates typically are doing the asking. (Can I count on your "YES" vote on the Home Birth Safety Act?)  During election season, we have opportunity to give legislators something back. Volunteer.

Running for office is a challenge. Local candidates often are very short of resources. This is the best time to get involved. Take time to give. Put your efforts where your heart is. Find a candidate who believes in your issues and help get that person into office.

I recently took to the web to contact the candidates running for the Illinois House of Representatives in my district.  Within days of sending-off an email to Dee Beaubien, she picked up her phone and called me. In my email, I informed her of my interest in the Home Birth Safety Act.

I was pleased to learn that she already knew quite a bit about the bill. (Dee's late husband Mark, served in the House of Representatives from 1996 - 2011. Although this is her first run for office, she has years of experience meeting constituents, listening to their concerns and thinking about solutions.)

I was even more pleased that prior to calling me. She prepared..... She read the bill!

Talking with Dee solidified my support. She is a candidate who cares. She is an independent voice dedicated to public service and helping people one-on-one. She cares about the issues. She cares about property tax relief.  She is focused on creating jobs, fiscal responsibility, and she has even pledged to cut law-makers pay.
On our phone call, I also learned of Dee Beaubien's dedication to hospice care. On behalf of those who can not voice the words, thank you, Dee.  (I love hospice care as much as I love midwifery care.)

Constituents of Illinois' 52nd House District: Can I count on your "YES" vote for Dee Beaubien, Independent, for State Representative?