Sunday, October 14, 2012

Canvasing for Midwife Friendly Politician

Fabulous time walking today for Dee Beaubien, Independent, Illinois 52nd House District.

The weather did not cooperate but the neighbors did. People are excited about having an Independent voice for McHenry County in Springfield.

Summary of feedback I received:
  • She's a great person.
  • I like her. I met her when she walked through the neighborhood.
  • I'm voting for her because I'm tired of extreme attitudes and people not working together.
  • I knew her husband. He was a great politician.
  • Dee Beaubien focuses on issues and not just sound bites.
Neighbors were impressed with Dee Beaubien's interest in constituent concerns. After all, we all want a legislator who cares enough to return our phone calls.

Oh and don't forget... Dee supports licensing home birth midwives based on the Certified Professional Midwife credential, the national standard for regulating home birth maternity care. 

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  1. Yes. I had many similar comments. She has an amazingly broad base of support.